Concrete has been in the industry because it functions so well in everything. Durability, longevity, affordability and flexibility, name it and concrete can offer it to you. If you are ever in doubt why you concrete is a good choice of material for your next patio project then here are the top 3 reasons why. 

 1. Flexibility 

Decks that are made of wood often have predictable results and offers not much room for creativity and option. Wood is traditional and straightforward in many ways. It can also be pretty similar in the stain available and the sealant color as well. So, if ever you are the person who want to personalize their deck or patio, having a wooden deck will not be much of an option for you.  

Gravel or stone on the other hand are like concrete when it comes to affordability and can be quite easy to implement however it definitely limits creativity. With the limited color stone offers and how it can be crushed the same, there’s really not much difference in patios made with this type of material.  

Concrete is very flexible and adaptive. It can stamp in patterns you want to mimic brick, tile or stone and can even be stamped with designs and stained with your color of choice whether bold or blended. Moreover, with a concrete’s flexibility, processes involving mimicry of tile, brick or stone is very affordable as well.  

 2. Initial Cost 

Compared to any other patio or deck that is made of wood, stone or tile, the initial cost a concrete patio offers is far less than the three mentioned. Design can definitely warp the amount however it is still far less when it is compared to other materials that can be used. If ever you are planning to add some value in your home for leisure or for a future cause, having a concrete patio definitely helps you in adding value to your home.  

 3. Longevity and Savings 

When it comes to maintaining a patio made of wood and maintaining a patio made of concrete, there are many similarities. Both material that is used for patios require almost the same maintenance in order to last for a longer period of time and both materials are also exposed to the natural phenomena from the environment which includes wind, heat and cold. When it comes to cleaning your patio, both wooden and concrete patios also require power washing and can add to further cost when it comes to maintenance, moreover, both also need sealants to achieve a smooth surface. If maintained properly, both materials can really extend in lifespan. However, when it comes to the sealant issue, it is far easier to apply when you have a concrete surface compared to having on that is made of wood. Thus, if ever we talk about costs when it comes to sealant maintenance, you can definitely save more money and effort when you invest in a concrete patio compared to a wooden patio. Wooden decks also need annual application of sealant however concrete patios only need it every 2 years or 3 years.  

Concrete is indeed phenomenal when it comes to versatility, cost and longevity, so if ever you are aiming to build a deck or patio, pavement and patio North Richland Hills has got you covered with your concrete needs!