Each season can provide new issues for your hardwood floorings. Winter involves salt, ice, and snow, spring provides dirt and rain, fall brings more leaves and dirt, and summer brings in saltwater and chlorine. Though despite all the maintenance, wood floors are just too beautiful to neglect. According to the experts from NWFA or National Wood Flooring Association, this is the most effective means of maintaining your floors. If you want to make your floorings last long, just follow the tips below:

Clean spills right away

Utilize a slightly damp or dry cloth to wipe up anything that you spilled right away. Refrain from using steam or wet mops since they will result in more damage as time passes by. Since wood shrinks and swells contingent to the moisture, both in it and on the air, it’s essential to maintain a low level of humidity to prevent the wood from gapping, splitting, and cupping.

Utilize furniture pads

One of the toughest issues to remedy when it comes to wood floors would be scratches. Though some scratches are unavoidable, some can certainly be avoided. One of the greatest means of preventing this is to incorporate furniture pads to the legs of your tables, sofas, chairs, and more.

Dust or sweep every day

It might appear excessive, however, it is a great thing to do. Even if have a no-shoes policy inside your house, dust could develop everywhere. Also, it settles between floorboards and into the grain. If you have pets in your home who keeps on shedding, think about it a hygiene problem, as well.

Vacuum weekly

This might be as painful as it sounds, vacuuming your floorings every week isn’t only the answer to maintaining the cleanliness of your home. However, make sure that any dirt and crumbs you missed as you sweep won’t scratch your floors.

Refinish your flooring every 3 up to 5 years

As time passes by, once your woods begin to appear a bit dull, they could be refinished by recoating. This includes using a fresh coat of wood floor finish. You should bear in mind that you need to do this depending on the lifestyle of your family.

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